You have much to discover and explore in the area and Cangreja Mastatal

Here is a list of some activities and places you can visit, can arrange guided tours and food, ask your questions and we will explain in great detail and we will be happy to share with you the beauty of our surroundings.


cavernasThe cavern

The cave is located about 10 minutes from the main house has become over time a home for bats play an important role for the environment. Every night go out to pick up your food, which are mostly fruits around the forest. And grab your bes work to disperse seeds and pollinate the flowers of the forest.



Night walk

Walking at night is very interesting to observe animals such as frogs, bats, snakes and all kinds of insects more when they leave their caves in search of food. You will have the opportunity to discover the secrets that keep the nature of night.





The waterfall

This tour takes us to a wonderful encounter with nature and a cascade of 15 meters with a wonderful natural pool for the enjoyment of visitors. This trip will love for its natural beauty.




Cerro La Cangreja

The mountain is 1305 meters above sea level, is the ideal place to take a buenisimas photos of communities around their skirts place. You can see much of the Pacific coast can be seen almost at our feet communities of Quepos Manuel Antonio Jaco Parrita Esterillos excellent place for bird watching.


national parc costa ricaNational Park La Cangreja


The National Park is a paradise of flora and fauna, due to the rich biodiversity found here. It is a park with 2 endemic trees and the Plinia Puriscalencis Ayenia Mastatalencis and 25 endemic plants of Costa Rica. The park’s name refers to the characteristic shape of the mountain, seen from above looks like a giant crab.




To ride a horse

Enjoy a tour of the various sites Mastatal, waterfall, to the sugar cane mill, or just enjoy a beautiful sunny day on horseback.


Indigeneous Tour

Zapatón is a native Indian reserve Huetar, contact your culture and learn some of their knowledge of medicinal plants. And making baskets with Don Gerardo



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