The Farm


Villamastatal Eco Lodge is an ecotourism hostel and project run by a Costa Rican family in the small community of Mastatal, Puriscal, San Jose, Costa Rica.
The home of Cangreja National Park here is less than 3 hours away from San José, between San José and Quepos.

At Villasmastatal we offer accommodation for guests, students, volunteers, interns and groups.
The property has been in the family for more than 50 years. However, in 2008 we opened our doors and started our project with 2 bedrooms.

Today, we have 3 individual small houses with a single room, 2 family size rooms with kitchenettes and 2 dormitories for groups with 28 beds.


The rooms are made from wood with large windows overlooking the valley of Mastatal and hills of La Cangreja. We have a communal lounge area called El Rancho with a ping pong table, library, Wi-Fi and various comfortable sitting areas with overlooking views of La Cangreja National Park. There are also rivers, waterfalls and streams on the property.


The programme


For our visitors we offer many options to learn, relax and enjoy the region. This includes guided tours through the National Park, countless waterfalls, bird watching, horseback riding, hiking, a yoga platform, walks and the opportunity to participate in permaculture projects and care for farm animals.

We offer packages for groups as well as weekend walkers, do not hesitate to contact us so we can organise tailor made activities according to your desires.


The organic farm


Our organic food is harvested by ourselves and if desired guests can participate in daily activities, the majority of which is provided by our organic farm. In our 10 hectares of land, we have planted more than 1000 trees, cacao plants, coffee, black pepper, pineapple, goyava, soursop trees…. and many more. First thing when you will get to the farm, is a visit of the place where we will be happy to show you all the diverse species of plants that we have here. Our farm is also composed of domesticated animals such as pigs, chickens, cows and dogs. Here you can read more about it !

Our kitchen offers flavorful and tasty dishes of the region with traditional Costa Rican dishes and a wood-fired oven that can be freely used by our guests. We can also offer a typical lunch or dinner for up to 40 people (with previous notice of course, we can adapt for special diets).  Best way to refuel your energy after a magnificent hike to the refreshing natural pools of La Cangreja a National park.

Enjoy the delight of the typical Costa Rican palate with an exquisite meal at Villasmastatal Ecolodge and after enjoy a rest in El Rancho’s hammocks, with breathtaking views over the peak of La Cangreja…



Here is how to reach us :